Ella's Information Center

Just who is Ella anyway? Ever wonder how we got our start? Although we can't give away secrets on how to cavalier ahead of the line for your weekend brunch, click here for a little history about us.

Hours of Operation:

BREAKFAST   Monday   - Friday    7:00 an - 11:30 am
LUNCH       Monday   - Friday   11:30 am -  3:00 pm
BRUNCH      Saturday - Sunday    8:30 am -  3:00 pm


We accept lunch reservations
Call 415-441-5669

Sorry,  We do not take reservations for breakfast or week-end brunch

Thank you for joining us at our new virtual home. We trust everything has been up to the standards that you've always enjoyed. We'd love to hear from you! So please (if your not able to stop on by) go ahead and drop us a line.

...or to make it more personal: contact Fredy