Ella's was established in July 1990 by Danny Wilser and Robert Merryman both veteran restaurant enthusiasts, who sought to create a price-friendly restaurant where their guests would feel comfortable enough to "dine-out" as frequently as they might "eat-in" at their own homes.

Ella's style of food is Neo-classical American cooking, which simply means a revival or adaptation of classic American cooking. Just about every item is prepared in-house. As a "scratch" restaurant, the talented & dedicated staff takes great pride in all of its baked goods ... especially cakes, pies and breads. An early morning stroll past the corner of Presidio and California reveals to the nose all the "freshness guaranteed" for service that day.

The quality and freshness of the food, the loyal and friendly staff, and the comfortable, warm family feel have had regular customers constantly coming back for over 20 years.